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Spring 2010 Newsletter- SPICE our classrooms
Spring 2009 Newsletter- SPICE ... through the eyes of a parent
Spring 2008 Newsletter- SPICE funds opportunity
Spring 2007 NewsletterSPICE learns an embarrassing lesson on special needs.
Spring 2006 NewsletterKindergarten teacher witnesses the benefits of having a student with special needs.
Spring 2005 NewsletterThe Longer one waits to correct bad habits, the harder it becomes to change them.
Spring 2004 Newsletter- On not falling through the cracks
Spring 2003 NewsletterWhat can be accomplished if we recognize each of our children are unique  individuals.
First Newsletter 2002-     The SPICE Program: A New Beginning
Spring 2011 Newsletter- SPICE: A positive influence throughout the Diocese

Spring 2012 Newsletter - 
​Spring 2013 Newsletter - Hartley seniors honor a favorite classmate at homecoming​​
Newsletter                           Feature Article
Spring 2015 Newsletter-  Peterson Program Enables St. Catharine to Extend Services
Spring 2016 Newsletter-  SPICE success both inside and Outside of Classroom
Spring 2014 Newsletter-  SPICE our classrooms
Spring 2017 Newsletter - SPICE Touches Lives
Spring 2018 Newsletter- Proud of Two Graduates

Spring 2019 NewsletterDare to Dream

Spring 2020 Newsletter - Thanks You Mrs. Weisner!