Special People In Catholic Education (SPICE) is a program to
support the education of children with special needs in our
parish and school.

SPICE supports the teachers and staff at St. Catharine in their
philosophy that every child is special. Our parish and school are
committed to serving all of our children.

SPICE serves as a means to raise funds to employ needed
personnel and to support the education process in whatever area
deemed necessary by our pastor or principal.

SPICE brings about discussion and awareness necessary to
embrace diversity in our parish and school.


As spice adds flavor to food, so do children with special needs
adds richness to our lives. The inclusion of all children in
our community promotes understanding, compassion and
respect for all. When we work together and learn to appreciate
individual strengths and weaknesses-Everyone wins!
St. Catharine Church
500 S. Gould Rd
Columbus Ohio